Through our outstanding experience and valued relationships with liquidity providers, institutional banks and sophisticated technology providers, JP Holdings offers unified institutional services to help you take your brokerage business to a higher level and achieve your business goals.

Multilingual Support

JP Holdings

Copy trade made simple. Built for Money Managers.

Just plug in our software trade and copy the same trades to your clients’ accounts.


MT4 Bridge

Manage risk with MetaTrader 4 Bridge

Having the right tools to monitor other parties’level of accessibilityto your MT4 server’s functionalities is necessary. With JP Holdings Bridge plug-in you retain full control with the ability to delegate certain accounts to the Bridge.


Focus on growing your business and leave operational details to us.

The Omnibus service is designed for financial institutions who wish to offer FX and margined investments vehicles through JP Holdings, while keeping their clients on their own books.


Own the source code to several of our trading platform products.

JP Holding's API is scalable and robust and is the best choice for traders or developers who are looking to integrate their trades or create their own trading applications.


Protect the integrity of your trading activities.

JP Holdings clearing services allow a firm to hedge their clients' trades and mitigate natural market risk. Holders of a clearing or liquidity account receive free tech support 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Risk Manager Tool

Prop Trading / Risk Manager Tool.

JP Holdings has developed proprietary software for companies who wish to limit the ability of their trader or multiple traders by individually locking MT4 trading accounts on the following variables: Max. trade size, Max. daily draw-down, Trading hours and Trading products.